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  • Tom Parker Bowles COver

    10 Questions with Tom Parker Bowles

    Tom Parker Bowles is no stranger to cookbook writing. The British food writer and food critic has five cookbook titles under his belt, and has won the Guild of Food Writers…

  • Chef Bobby Chinn

    Laughing All the Way to the Kitchen

    Following his bliss, chef-restaurateur Bobby Chinn finds humour, spontaneity and a little foolhardiness go a long way in the kitchen, on TV and in life. Text by Michele Koh Morollo Half…

  • Renowned for her mouthwatering desserts, Anna Olson is one of TV’s sweetest chefs.

    Sweet Anna

    TV host, cookbook author and chef, Anna Olson is Sugar and spice and all things nice. Text by Debbie Soo We first became acquainted with Anna Olson more than 10 years…

  • Issue48_Chefinterview_1

    LA Times

    Chef Mohan Ismail recaptures his mother’s rendang, and other flavours of his Singaporean childhood, in the A-list Los Angeles restaurant, RockSugar. Text by Kavita Daswani The first time Mohan Ismail’s mother…