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  • From left: Chefs Ricky Tam, Fatih Berber, Serkan Kasaroğlu and Florian Trento feed air travellers around the world
    Insiders' Insights

    Up in the Air

    Feeding air travellers, whether in the sky or on the ground, brings its own set of special challenges. Four chefs take us behind the scenes.     Text by Tiffany Chan,…

  • Issue70-growing-green-2
    Insiders' Insights

    Growing Green

    Hong Kong’s new breed of organic farmers spills the beans on the issues surrounding the industry.    Text by Tiffany Chan, photos by Samantha Sin Special thanks to Wild Roots Organic…

  • From left: Lee Man-sing, Lau Chun and Paul Lau ponder the future of Cantonese cuisine
    Insiders' Insights

    What’s Next for Cantonese Cuisine?

    Despite an explosion of kitchen wizardry worldwide, Cantonese food has stuck doggedly to tradition. Will it ever modernise? Three industry insiders consider the future. Text by Tiffany Chan, photos by Samantha…

  • From left: Tom Burney, R.J. Asher and Pedro Samper are all busiest in the kitchen during the holidays
    Insiders' Insights

    Talking Turkey

    Forget the tinsel and baubles, Christmas is all about turkey and pies for three Hong Kong chefs. Text by Tiffany Chan, photos by Samantha Sin Special thanks to Beau Monde (HK)…

  • (from left) Edward Yip, Ricky Tse and Cyril Chan all agree the kitchen has transformed from a sheer practical area into a stylish space in recent years
    Insiders' Insights

    Kitchen Makeovers

    The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, but now it’s also one of the most stylish rooms in the house. Three kitchen design veterans tell Crave it has…

  • (from left) Alan Wong, Yves Nizan and Kenneth Lee are all optimistic about the future of Hong Kong’s wine industry
    Insiders' Insights

    Taste of Things to Come

      With Asia’s love of wine maturing, three wine connoisseurs discuss the future of the industry in Hong Kong.     Text by Mandy Li, photos by Samantha Sin Special thanks to…