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  • Sandwich_Recipe_Cover
    Main Course Recipes

    ‘Wich Craft

    A perennial summer favourite, make your next sandwich in one of these classic flavour combinations.…

  • Northeast Noodles
    Main Course Recipes

    Northeast Noodles

    Simple, cooling and pretty, this is a perfect home-cooked summer lunch. Recipe by Sze Chiu-kwan, head chef of Dong Lai Shun. Prep Time and Cook Time 15 mins; 20 mins Ingredients…

  • Vegetarian Paella
    Main Course Recipes Vegetarian

    Vegetarian Paella

    This impressive yet surprisingly simple dish is guaranteed a place at a Spanish-themed dinner. Recipe by Vincent Lee, head chef at BCN. Prep Time and Cook Time 15 mins; 20 mins Ingredients…

  • Sichuan Boiled Fish
    Main Course Recipes

    Sichuan Boiled Fish

    This eye-catching dish has surprisingly gentle spice with a pop of numbing Sichuan pepper. Recipe by chief cook Leung Yuk-wa of Grand Hill Taiwanese restaurant. Prep Time and Cook Time 30…

  • Shunde-style Spare Ribs
    Main Course Recipes


    These hearty homemade spare ribs are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, with the right amount of wok hei. Recipe by Benson Fok, executive chef – Chinese cuisine at…

  • Fried Chicken
    Main Course Recipes

    Fried Chicken

    The ultimate comfort food, this crispy and succulent bird will have you licking your fingers. Recipe by Jack Carson, executive chef at Restoration. Prep Time and Cook Time Up to 24…