10 Shanghai

Delectable Huaiyang fare set in the golden era of Shanghai in Causeway Bay.

Words Iris Wong


The Space

We have never been disappointed by the interior design of any 1957 & Co. restaurants, and 10 Shanghai, the restaurant group’s latest opening serving Huaiyang cuisine, is no exception. Thanks to renowned designer Steve Leung, the space, inspired by the French Concession and the dancehalls and ballrooms of Shanghai in the 1920s and 30s, oozes unique Chinese Art Deco charm. The stylish splendor of Old Shanghai is evident in its arched metal latticed partitions, elegant curves reminiscent of Chinese moon gates, and the moody palette of greens and blues throughout the spacious restaurant.

The Food

10 Shanghai, despite its name, serves Huaiyang cuisine. As one of four classic culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine highlights the ingredients’ freshness and natural flavours, and is a showcase of the chef’s refined knife and plating skills, as demonstrated in the sliced crunchy cucumber ($68) and the Dongpo’s pork pagoda ($238) – both so meticulously presented we were afraid to ruin them with our chopsticks.

Served with sesame sauce, this sliced crunchy cucumber dish is a real test of the chef's knife skills.

Served with sesame sauce, this sliced crunchy cucumber dish is a real test of the chef’s knife skills.

In terms of flavour, a few dishes stood out from the rest. The sautéed prawns with scallion and crispy tea leaves ($88), an unassuming appetiser, turned out to be one of the highlights of our meal. It was addictively crispy and each bite burst with umami and earthiness of the tea leaves. The pan-fried xiao long bao ($60), which felt like a curious cross between the classic xiao long bao and sheng jian bao, was a pleasant surprise: the skin, despite being a tad too thick, was moist and the bottom crispy, the morsel’s texture further elevated by a pocket filled with delightful, warm broth and meat filling. The wok-fried mud crab with glutinous rice ($628) was ostentatious both in flavour and presentation. We enjoyed the fresh, meaty crab with just the right amount of springiness, as well as the hearty flavours of the glutinous rice. We just wished we hadn’t overindulged, and saved space for desserts.

The Verdict

10 Shanghai has done a great job with both its interiors and dishes, and we appreciate its comprehensive and well-executed menu. Next time we will return on a Friday or Saturday night with live retro music performances to complete the dining experience.

10 Shanghai
Shop 101, 1/F Lee Garden Two, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2338 5500


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