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Chestnut and Dried Oyster Soup

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This thick yet refreshing sweet and savoury broth will quench your thirst and keep you warm.

Recipe by Chun Lau, general manager at Kin’s Kitchen

*Featured in Crave’s Issue 91, February/March 2018

20 minutes; 2.5 hours

(Serves 4)
600g pumpkin
180g chestnuts, de-shelled
30g Chinese pearl barley
60g dried oysters
240g carrots
900g pork breast bone
4L water


1. Prepare the pork-breast bone

  • In a pot, blanch pork-breast bone by submerging it in room-temperature water and bringing it to the boil over low heat. Remove the bone from the water and set aside.

2. Prepare the other soup ingredients

  • Peel the pumpkin and cut into rectangles. Soak the dried oysters for 10 minutes and rinse. Peel carrots and cut into big chunks.

3. Make the soup

  • Place all ingredients in the pork bone broth on high heat and bring to the boil. Cook over high heat for 30 minutes, then reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer for another two hours.

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