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Celebrate this Season with a New Menu at Kashiwaya

Kashiwaya Hong Kong, the only overseas branch of the renowned three-Michelin-starred restaurant Kashiwaya in Osaka, has unveiled a new seasonal menu by head chef Atsushi Takahashi to celebrate the beginning of spring. Working closely with his teacher chef Hideaki Matsuo, chef Takahashi has crafted four thematic kaiseki menus incorporating hand-picked ingredients, traditional techniques and innovative plating. Diners can choose from the six-course ($680), nine-course ($1,800), 10-course ($2,800) and 12-course ($4,000) menus.

The six-course lunch menu features items such as charred yomogifu, simmered tender seabream, and two assortments of sashimi, while highlights from the nine-course dinner menu include hamaguri (Asian hard clam), hotate (scallop) and ochazuke. The 10-course dinner menu also includes the eight-inch hassun platter with items like the extremely rare noresore young conger eels, baby octopus and burdock root. For those who want the ultimate kaiseki experience, opt for the full 12 courses. Featured exclusively on this menu is kamameshi (mixed rice dish in an iron pot) with abalone and bamboo shoots.

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