FRANCIS: A Taste of Tel Aviv in Wan Chai

The brainchild of a trio of young restaurant entrepreneurs – James Ward, Asher Goldstein and Simone Sammuri – FRANCIS¬†has opened on Wan Chai’s St Francis Street and may just become your new favourite neighbourhood hangout. Goldstein, a Tel Aviv native, is serving hearty plates inspired by his home city as well as his extensive travels to southern Europe, North Africa, Greece and Italy. Signature menu items include mezes like hummus with chickpea and lamb neck ragu ($80); baked halloumi with pomegranate molasses and wild oregano ($120), and grilled octopus with harissa and burgul potato cake ($140).¬†Other highlights include succulent spring lamb and beef kafta ($160), served with grilled onions and tahini; and great vegetarian options like smoked carrots with almonds and spiced honey ($100), and knafeh ($80), a traditional cheese pastry filled with mozzarella, orange blossom and pistachios.

At FRANCIS, wine is just as important as its food, so don’t forget to check out its small producer-focused wine list curated by sommelier Simone Sammuri.

G/F 4 & 6 St Francis Street, Wan Chai
Tel: 3101 9521


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