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Sakana No Aji: Awakening Senses with Fresh Ingredients

Celebrating the purity of seasonal produce and fresh Japanese flavours, Sakana No Aji offers guests a Japanese culinary experience like no other. Headed by executive chef Suzuki Takeshi, dig into a variation of Japanese dining options ranging from omakase, kaiseki, tempura and noodles, with dishes like crispy sushi burger ($180), red sea bream and yuzu hot pot ($780); and sakura shrimp with mitsuba tempura ($120) on the menu. No dining experience is complete without a little alcohol, Sakana No Aji also introduces diners to some of the most favoured sake and whiskeys from Japan.

Sakana No Aji
2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
T: 2896-6018


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