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Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai: The First Starbucks Roastery in Asia

The world’s second Starbucks Roastery and the largest Starbucks in the world (nearly 30,000 square feet!) has opened in Shanghai, and will be offering a multi-sensory coffee experience serving rare coffees with a side of augmented reality technology. Visitors can enjoy unique, small-lot Reserve coffee sourced from over 30 countries around the world, such as the Yunnan Reserve Coffee which is roasted and available exclusively at the Roastery in Shanghai, while watching the beans being roasted and sent through a copper “symphony” pipes to silos at the coffee bars. The Starbucks Shanghai Roastery has three wooden coffee bars, including one that is 27 meters long – the longest at any Starbucks. Artisanal baked goods by Rocco Princi, who is famed for bakeries in Milan and London, will be offered at the Shanghai Roastery as well. If you download the Roastery app or Alibaba’s Taobao app, you can gain access to cool tidbits of info on the Starbucks story by pointing your phones at key features around the Roastery. If you’re not a coffee person, head to the Starbucks Teavana Bar instead. It’s the world’s only tea bar made entirely from 3-D printed recycled materials, and serves Teavana tea infused with nitrogen found only at the Shanghai Roastery, as well as tea brewed using the Steampunk, which is a new brewing method that uses steam to extract flavour from the tea leaves. Sounds like a place that you would definitely want to linger and spend a nice afternoon at.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai
789 Nanjing Road W

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