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Four Hands, Four Cuisines at VEA

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Get ready for fusion cuisine like you’ve never seen before: VEA’s chef Vicky Cheng and Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016 Margarita Forés will be joining forces to create an eight-course symphony of flavours. On October 26 and 27, you can experience chef Cheng’s signature Chinese-French flair as well as chef Forés’ Italian-inspired Filipino creations in one harmonious flourish. At $2,080 per guest, you will be treated to delicacies like Life in a Jungle, a medley of juvenile mud crab, langoustine and caviar presented with stunning platescaping. Wines and award-winning executive mixologist Antonio Lai‘s special cocktails are available for an additional $680.

Vicky Cheng X Margarita Forés Menu

Amuse bouche
Sisig on pork skin (Filipino pig’s head)
XO beef tartare cigars
Crispy steam fish

Life in a Jungle
Juvenile mud crab, langoustine, caviar
by chef Vicky Cheng

Wild yellowtail kinilaw
Etag smoked pork
by chef Margarita Forés

Roasted sea cucumber
Blue Lobster, scallion, ginger
by chef Vicky Cheng

Crab meat ravioli
Palm heart, sakurab onion, baby Crab Fat
by chef Margarita Forés

Longjing chrysanthemum smoked pigeon
Preserved haw, chicken liver char siu, lardo
by chef Vicky Cheng

Glazed lamb rack
Coffee, guava jelly, adlai
by chef Margarita Forés

White truffle
Salted Hokkaido milk
by chef Vicky Cheng

Philippine fruit
Carabao milk candies, prosciutto pili crumble
by chef Margarita Forés


VEA Restaurant & Lounge
29 & 30/F 198 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: 2711 8639

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