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A delicate creation made with Ecuadorean chocolate sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Recipe by Javier Guillén, pastry chef at República del Cacao.


(Makes 6)

Macadamia nut dacquoise
170g Milk Chocolate Ecuador 40%, melted
280g egg whites
180g sugar
80g dextrose
280g macadamia nut in powder

Cardamon cream
200g Milk Chocolate Ecuador 40%, melted
90g Dark Chocolate Blend Ecuador+Peru 70%
200ml milk
20g cardamom grains
7g gelatin
15g glucose
120g liquid cream 35%

Coffee gel
200g neutral gelatin nappage
90g expresso coffee
10g coffee liquor

Caramelised white chocolate mousse
475g White Chocolate Ecuador 31%
250ml milk
10g gelatin, hydrated
500g semi-whipped cream

For spraying
450g Dark Chocolate Ecuador 65%
400g cacao butter


1. Make cardamom cream

  • Make an infusion with the milk and cardamom. Mix in gelatin and glucose and pour mixture over the caramelised milk chocolate. Add cold cream and run mixture through the Turmix. Refrigerate for six to eight hours, or until crystallisation, before use.

2. Make macadamia nut dacquoise

  • Beat egg whites with sugar and dextrose. When a firm meringue forms, incorporate the previously melted milk chocolate at 45ºC. Mix in macadamia powder. Bake at 170°C for 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Once cooled, cut into 14cm-diameter rings.

3. Make coffee gel

  • Mix ingredients and run mixture through the Turmix. Set aside and refrigerate until use.
  • Pour the cardamom cream and coffee gel over the dacquoise using a nozzle. Freeze.

4. Make caramelised white chocolate mousse

  • Caramelise white chocolate in the oven at 100°C for 40 minutes. Heat milk and add gelatin. Pour over the caramelised chocolate and pass mixture through the Turmix. When the mixture is at 35 to 40ºC, add semi-whipped cream.
  • Pour mixture over a mould and freeze.

5. Assemble and decorate

  • Mix and heat up the dark chocolate and cacao butter to 55°C. Spray the frozen dessert with an air pistol to obtain a velvety texture.
  • Decorate with chocolate sheets.


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