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Kombu-cured Red Seabream

Cure a fish fillet in kombu seaweed for three days to create deep, complex flavours.

Recipe by Max Levy, chef owner at Okra.

*Featured in Crave’s Issue 85, July 2017


3 days

(Serves 6)

200g kombu-jime
50g boneless, skinless fillet of red seabream
200g unpasteurised junmai sake
10g distilled water
20g sea salt


1. Dehydrate the kombu

  • Air-dry the kombu-jime.

2. Brine the fish

  • Dissolve the sea salt into the distilled water and add the fish. Refrigerate for 35 minutes.

3. Rehydrate the kombu

  • Add the sake to the kombu to rehydrate the seaweed.

4.  Cure the fish

  • Remove the fish from the saltwater and pat dry. Wrap it tightly with the rehydrated kombu to form a flat parcel. Place between two plates and top with a 500g weight. Refrigerate for three days, turning the plates over every 12 hours. Remove the kombu to check the fish – the flesh should be slightly sticky with a light green tinge. Cut into thin sashimi slices and serve.


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