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Experience World-renowned Edomae Sushi at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

From June 9 to 18, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong’s Chef’s Table will be graced by chef-owner Yosuke Imada of Ginza Kyubey, one of the most highly regarded sushi establishments in Japan. Founded in 1935 by Yosuke Imada’s father, Ginza Kyubey stays true to the flavours of Edomae, a style of sushi from the Edo period (1603-1868). Yosuke Imada officially took over the restaurant in 1985 and has since garnered global recognition, serving distinguished guests including prime ministers of Japan and former US President Barack Obama.

The omakase lunch menu, which includes an assortment of zensai (appetisers), sashimi, sushi and dessert, is priced at $1,080pp. The omakese dinner menu, which also includes yakimono (grilled dishes), costs $1,880pp. Chill and hot sake and Japanese tea pairings are also available. Make your reservation at 2263 2270 or

Chef’s Table at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong
The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, ICC, 1 Austin Road West
Tel: 2263 2270


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