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Deep-Fried Crab Cake with Pork and Shrimp

Light and fluffy, these crispy Chinese crab cakes are the perfect afternoon snack.

Recipe by Will Chan, executive chef of Man Hing, The Greater China Club.

*Featured in Crave’s Issue 83, May 2017


3 hours

(Makes 4)

8 slices of fatty pork, 0.5mm thick
A splash of rose extract

2 taels siu mai filling
2 maces of mud crab meat
2 celeries, diced
2 mushrooms
2 water chestnuts, diced
1/2 tael imitation crab paste
4 Chinese parsley leaves

Egg white paste
10 taels corn starch
12 taels oil
10 taels egg white
2 taels baking soda

*1 mace is about 3.8 grams


1. Prepare the pork

  • Rub rose extract onto pork to make it less greasy and more tender. The pork should be white as snow.

 2. Make the crab cake filling

  • Wrap siu mai filling, water chestnuts, mushrooms, Chinese celery, meat from the mud crab and pork in two slices of pork. Add crab paste and seal the crab cake with the final portion of the pork. Freeze for one hour to set.

 3. Fry the crab cakes

  • Combine ingredients to make the egg white paste. Dip the pork in the batter and fry gently for five minutes until golden, translucent and crispy.


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