Alvy’s: Contemporary Pizzeria and Craft Beer Bar in Kennedy Town

For those who can’t get enough of Hong Kong’s small but thriving craft beer scene, here’s another great watering hole to add to your list: Alvy’s, led by Patrick Gatherer (formerly of The Globe), founders of Young Master Brewery and veteran designer Paul Gelinas (Second Draft), has an undeniably cosy and welcoming vibe. Expect a comprehensive list of local and imported craft beers, a carefully curated selection of all natural wines, as well as the city’s most extensive collection of American only craft whiskies, all of which are small-batch, self-distilled labels.

To eat, Alvy’s offers its own signature style of sourdough based pizza with a mixed culture of healthy bacteria and yeast. A long and slow fermentation process means the dough develops a more complex flavour and a distinctive texture. Highlights include the fiery Sichuan-inspired Ma-La-Di-Da ($158), and A La Vodka ($108) with a creamy vodka sauce and pecorino. Small bites, such as Latkes potato pancakes with char siu ($78) and veal sweet bread ($188), are also available.

8 Holland Street, Kennedy Town
Tel: 2312 2996


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