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Komatsuna and Deep-fried Tofu in Mild Broth

Simple and delicious, this dish brings out the flavour and texture of this staple Japanese vegetable.

Recipe by Atsushi Takahashi, head chef at Kashiwaya.

*Featured in Crave’s Issue 81, March 2017


15 minutes; 10 minutes

(Serves 1)

410g Japanese mustard spinach
1 deep-fried tofu
1⁄2 tsp bonito akes
140ml water
2g salt
25g sugar
1 tamagoyaki, sliced


1. Prepare the mustard spinach

  • Wash the spinach and cut off the roots. Separate the stems and leaves, then cut into 3cm lengths.

 2. Prepare the broth

  • Add the bonito flakes and water to a small pan. Cook at medium to low heat for five minutes. Strain out the flakes and set the remaining broth aside.

 3. Fry the tofu and spinach

  • Slice the tofu into 3cm strips. Pan-fry the tofu in hot oil for three minutes. Add the spinach stems and salt. When the stems turn deeper green, add the leaves, broth and sugar, and pan-fry for another two minutes.

 3. Plate and serve

  • Layer the stems and half the tofu strips on a plate and top with the leaves and another layer of tofu. Add the piece of tamagoyaki on the side. Serve immediately while the leaves are crisp.


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