Spacious nostalgia-themed hot pot restaurant with flavour-packed broths and homely dishes.

Words Tiffany Chan  Photos Samantha Sin


The Space

From the guys behind Atum Desserant comes nostalgia-themed hotpot restaurant Suppa, which opened with little fanfare on January 1, in Causeway Bay. Decked out with loud, turquoise ceilings, ’60s floor tiles climbing the walls, a boxy refrigerator, tacky chandeliers and mismatched chairs, Suppa can seem gimmicky and a bit like a movie set, but its charm is unmistakable. The round tables are generously spaced, so it never feels cramped, and the restaurant is comfortable, unlike most hotpot places in town.

The Food

The vision behind the restaurant is family reunions at home, with many items inspired by home-cooked dishes from the ’70s. The varied broths are the stars of the menu, such as nourishing fish maw chicken broth ($288) and lesser-known pickled Chinese cabbage broth ($138), from northern China. There are several beef options: fatty US Angus ($158/small; $218/large) is sliced thinly, needing only a few seconds in the pot, while hand-cut Chinese beef ($178/small; $268/large) is thicker and leaner with a nice bite, and beefier taste. Our favourite plate was the chen pi marinated fish balls ($36), perfectly springy in texture and fragrant with tart dried fruit. In need of carbs, we ordered salted egg yolk fried rice ($24), which sounded better than it tasted: the egg needed to be better incorporated into the rice for a salty, yolky aroma.


Suppa isn’t just for Instagrammers and hipsters, as there is substance here as well as style. We’d recommend it for a modern, comfortable hotpot experience and for those who want something different – specifically, a unique take on home-themed dishes.

Spending: $300 – $500 per person
Highlights: fish maw chicken broth and chen pi marinated fish balls
What else: it’s modern and well-ventilated and makes for a great restaurant for birthday dinners. It also helps that the broths and dishes are rather photogenic.


2/F Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 3520 4111


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