Kawa: Coffee Subscription Services

Caffeine fiends know very well that buying a cup of coffee every day can add up. Fret not, as coffee subscription app Kawa has partnered with 40 independent coffee shops including Elephant Grounds and Sensory Zero to offer monthly coffee packages, in which customers can select from packages of three, 10, 20 and unlimited cups a month. A Black Plan, which includes espresso, Americano and espresso macchiato, starts from $69 for three to $749/month for unlimited cups, while a Fancy Plan starts from $99 for three black and milk-based coffees of your choice to $1,249 for unlimited cups. If you’re a one-a-day drinker, we recommend the 20-cup package, which costs $379 for black coffee only (which makes out to $19/cup) and $579 ($29/cup) for fancy options. Oh, and your first coffee is free.

Get the app here.

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