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Four friends join forces to create Insta-worthy edible art at the heart of Causeway Bay.

Words Iris Wong


The Space

ZUC.CCH.ERO (a play on the word for “sugar” in Italian) has quickly gained popularity – especially among local youths, groups of girlfriends and couples – since its opening at the end of 2015. Even on a supposedly quiet weekday afternoon, the long dessert bar is packed with people taking videos of staff crafting intricate desserts they will soon devour (not before plenty of photos of and with the food, of course).

The Desserts

Watching the desserts being constructed was an experience in itself. The extremely popular Mount Fuji ($258) was made from ramune soda, yogurt and melon parfait moulded to form the iconic Japanese peak. Surrounding the “mountain” was a forest of green orange cake, sakura jelly, edible flowers, and greens. While visually pleasing, the combination was a tad too sweet for us. Planet Earth ($128) was our unanimous favourite. Encased inside the globe was creamy jasmine tea lava mousse with blood orange sauce to cut through any heaviness. The dessert was also served with floating cotton candy to simulate clouds. For those loco for cocoa, Para Para Sakura ($138) is a must-try. Under the cotton candy sakura tree with chocolate tree barks are gianduja mousse topped with chocolate cake and raspberry jelly. We enjoyed the sour fruit and chocolate pairing – not too rich and no doubt memorable.


Those who come to ZUC.CCH.ERO for a few snaps to show off to your fellow foodie friends will be pleasantly surprised that beauty lies both within and out when it comes to their edible art desserts.

Spending: approx. $400 for two
Highlights: Planet Earth, Para Para Sakura
What else: small tasting plates and snacks are also available for those worried about a sugar overload


18/F Bartlock Centre, 3 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 3427 9828


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