$1 Wings at Ho Yuen Express Food Truck

Say No More. We’re on our way to Central Harbourfront, where Ho Yuen Express’ food truck will be stationed from now until March 19, 12.30pm to 8.30pm daily. The deep-fried, single-boned chicken wings with ultra crispy skin are marinated in special homemade sauce and seasoned generously with garlic powder, and they are going for only $1 each (minimum eight pieces and maximum 16 pieces per order).

Other Hong Kong- and Chiuchow-style snacks and drinks are also sold at the food truck, including beef brisket noodles ($48), seafood French toast ($20), the signature super grilled squid ($68), and a specially concocted iced lemon tea ($28).

Ho Yuen Express will be relocating to Wan Chai’s Bauhinia Square from March 21 to April 21, then moving to Ocean Park between April 4 to 16 where they will entice gastronomes with a limited edition deep-fried truffle wonton.


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