KWOON: Hong Kong’s First Artisanal Canned Cocktails

Yes, you heard right. You can now enjoy The Woods’ fine cocktails at home, on a boat, at a music festival, or wherever and whenever to your heart’s desire.

Made in Hong Kong, KWOON by The Woods is crafted with carefully chosen ingredients to retain great flavours minus artificial preservatives, which means they remain non-perishable for up to two months when kept refrigerated. The inaugural range of KWOON cocktails include High Tea, a gin-based cocktail with chrysanthemum flowers, and Madame Ching with dark rum and a kick of spicy black ginger that can be served cold and warm. These concoctions are priced at $70 to $100 each.

Head to the concept store/bar on 64 Staunton Street, SoHo where KWOON cocktails are made fresh at the bar and canned on location.

KWOON Concept Bar
64 Staunton Street, SoHo
Tel: 2522 0281


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