Where to Find Hong Kong’s First Food Trucks

When Hong Kong’s ex-Financial Secretary John Tsang announced the two-year food truck pilot scheme back in 2015, it was met with surprise, excitement, and a lot of skepticism. Fast forward a year, the first batch of the 16 food trucks have now hit the road feeding hungry tourists and Hongkongers. Here’s where to find them.

Text by Iris Wong


Food trucks in Hong Kong are only allowed to serve food at eight designation spots across Hong Kong. Every two weeks the food trucks will be assigned a new location, with only two trucks permitted at each location at one time.

The eight designated locations are:

  • Golden Bauhinia Square (Wan Chai)
  • Salisbury Garden and Art Square (Tsim Sha Tsui)
  • Central Harbourfront Event Space (Central)
  • Ocean Park
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Energizing Kowloon East harbourfront Is this the official name? Sounds really weird
  • Wong Tai Sin Square (Wong Tai Sin)

On the day this article is published, there are only six trucks in service, while the others are waiting for their licenses and will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Princess Kitchen and Table Seven X W. Burger are scheduled to commence business on Feb 16.

Signatures to watch out for

Hung Fook Tong’s Food Truck: Soup with fish maw and dried scallops ($53)


DISNEYLANDA2_魔廚撈麵 Maureen Lo Mein

Mein by Maureen: Maureen lo mein ($48)



Pineapple Canteen: pineapple bun with fresh cream and pineapple ($20)



Baos and Buns: American-style BBQ meat steamed bread ($38)


WONG TAI SINH5_神級燒鮮魷 (Super Grilled Squid)

Ho Yuen Express: super grilled squid (TBC)


Mama’s Dumpling: five-coloured dumplings ($40)


To find out where your favourite food trucks are, download the “HK Food Truck” app on your smartphones, available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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