Green Common: Healthy Lunch Spot at Alexandra House, Central

Dreading that food coma after a big lunch? Eating clean could help. By the folks behind Green Monday, Green Common has opened its third store at Alexandra House, but this time incorporating a brand new cafe concept for busy office workers on the go. Try its Filet-No-Fish ($32) with plant-based Gardein fishless filets that taste like the real deal and jam packed full of omega-3 sourced from plants, or if you like your food photogenic, the colourful RainBOWL ($88) contains superfoods including quinoa, blueberries, avocado and kale – the perfect high protein lunch for Instagram-obsessed health nuts.

You can also do your grocery shopping after a nutritious meal there, as Green Common is also a health food superstore where you can find goodies such as almond milk, organic chocolate and crunchy kale chips for some guilt-free snacking!

Green Common
Shop B2, Basement 1, Alexandra House, 16-20 Chater Road, Central
Tel: 3582 4463

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