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Reuben Sandwich

Don’t hold back with this outsized meat and sauerkraut American classic.

Recipe by The Langham, Hong Kong’s executive chef Pedro Samper.

Prep Time and Cook Time
2 weeks; 15 minutes

(1 serving)

Light rye bread (2 slices)
Butter (30g)
Corned beef slices (100g)
Pastrami slices (100g)
Roast turkey slices (100g)
Emmental cheese (40g)
Cabbage (40g)
Kosher salt (a pinch)
Russian dressing
Mayonnaise (16g)
Tomato ketchup (3g)
English mustard (1g)
Horseradish sauce (1.5g)
Worcestershire sauce (1⁄2 tsp)
Paprika (a pinch)
Salt (a pinch)
Ground black pepper (a pinch)


1. Make the sauerkraut

  • Julienne the cabbage, add salt and set aside for three to five minutes.
  • In a plastic container, press the cabbage to strain out any juice. Cover and leave to ferment at room temperature (27°C) for two weeks.

2. Toast the light rye bread

  • Butter one side of each slice of
rye bread. In a frying pan over medium heat, lay the bread butter- side down and fry for two minutes.

3. Melt the cheese

  • Heat the oven to 220°C. Lay slices of cheese over the buttered bread and bake for two minutes or until the cheese slightly melts.

4. Make the Russian sauce

  • Combine all the ingredients with a whisk. Adjust seasoning to taste and set aside.

5. Assemble the sandwich

  • On a plate, stack the ingredients in this order: corned beef, sauerkraut, half of the Russian dressing, pastrami and turkey.
  • Using your hands, mould the pile into a long oval shape, then place onto the rye bread, on top of the melted cheese. Add more dressing and cap.
  • Slice in half and serve.

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