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Grilled Chicken Bibimbap


A signature Korean stone pot contains Icheon rice topped with vibrant vegetables.

Recipe by Edwin Han, Korean chef at Myung Ga Korean Restaurant.

Prep Time and Cook Time
45 minutes; 50 minutes

(2 servings)

White radish (35g)
Salt (3 tsp)
Sesame oil (10g)
Chilli powder (5g)
Spinach (35g)
Bean sprouts (35g)
Bracken (35g)
Shiitake mushrooms (35g)
Zucchini (35g)
Carrot (35g)
Icheon rice (140g)
Garlic paste (5g)
Boneless chicken leg (35g)
Korean soy sauce (2 tbsp)
Vegetable oil (2 tsp)
Egg yolk (1)
Pine nuts (3)
Dry jujube (1)
Gochujang sauce
Korean red pepper paste (30g) Sesame oil (5g)
Sesame seeds (3g)


1 1. Prepare the ingredients
– In a bowl, mix together the white radish with 2 tsp salt, 5g sesame oil and chilli powder. Set aside for 20 minutes. Strain the water leached from the radish.
– Poach the spinach, bean sprouts, bracken and mushrooms over a high flame for 15 minutes.
– Thinly slice the mushrooms, carrot and white radish. Steam the rice for 30 minutes.


2. Stir-fry the ingredients
– Lightly season all the sliced ingredients with the remaining salt and sesame oil.
– In a pan over high heat, fry the zucchini, carrot, bracken and mushrooms in separate batches, adding garlic paste to each batch. Fry for two to three minutes.

3 3. Marinate the chicken
 – Marinate the chicken in the Korean soy sauce for two minutes.

44. Cook the chicken
– In an oiled pan over medium flame, fry the chicken for two to three minutes.
– Then transfer to a rack and grill under a medium flame for one minute on each side. Slice thinly.

55. Plate and finish
– Place the rice in a stone pot, and neatly arrange the vegetable slices into a circle.
– Over a high gas flame, heat the stone pot for about five minutes. Place the egg yolk in the middle of the vegetable slices.
– Decorate with pine nuts and dry jujube.
– Combine the ingredients for the gochujang sauce and serve on the side.

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