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Spread your wings

Barbecued chicken wings with dip in a tray on the barbecue

Chicken wings take flight through the imagination of Eastside Tavern

Text by Vincent Leung

How can we shape the wings into “lollipops”?
A chicken “lollipop” is a chicken wing drumette that has been “Frenched”; the meat and tendons are sliced at the thinner end and pushed up the bone to form a ball (the lollipop “sucker”), leaving the lower end of the bone exposed like a lollipop stick.

To make super-crispy wings, does dry or wet coating (batter) yield better results?
In my experience, dry coating is better for super-crispy wings. It produces a crispy, crackly crust that absorbs a lot of oil. Wet coating is also good, but once the wings are cold they become soggy. Some people double fry their wings, but I prefer frying the wings only once using the freshest, most neutral oil I can find, and serving them immediately.

What’s a good use for leftover wing tips?
It’s just a shame when an order arrives with only two-thirds of the wings – the drumettes and flats. The tip is a crunchy, chewy, tasty, underappreciated delight. There are several things you can do with wing tips, including making chicken stock.

How do you give the wings a Southeast Asian spin?
Let’s get one thing straight: Buffalo does not have a monopoly on wings. In Thailand, wings are glazed with sweet chilli sauce, and in Vietnam, they’re seasoned with lemongrass and fish sauce. Use coconut milk, fish sauce, lemongrass and sweet chilli sauce to recreate that Asian flavour. Stretch out your chicken wings on a skewer to increase the amount of skin exposed to absorb the marinade and smoky flavours from the grill (and to crisp up during cooking). Besides, wings on a stick are fun to eat.


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