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The World of Chopping Boards

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It may be humble and unassuming, but the chopping board is an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

Text by Mandy Li, photos by Samantha Sin
Special thanks to Alessi, GREAT Food Hall, Man Kee Chopping Board, Pan-handler, Tom Dixon

Issue64_World of chopping boards

1. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Bamboo Chopping Board
Bamboo is a comparatively new material for chopping boards, and is proving popular for its anti-bacterial properties. This board has a hard, sturdy surface that does not damage the knife.

2. Tom Dixon Chop Paddle
Crafted from solid natural oak, this chopping board has a beautiful softly curved edge shaped by hand using the same profile cutter used on the brand’s Slab Tables. Its bevelled shape and large size make it ideal for cutting as well as serving pizza, bread or charcuterie.

3. Pine Chopping Board
One of the most popular woods for Chinese chopping boards, pine is soft wood that has a great ability in absorbing water, making it less slippery for chopping. However, it’s also less durable, and a typical two-inch-thick board has a lifetime of only one year.

4. Epicurean Gourmet Cutting Board
Part of the brand’s Big Block series, this is a hefty inch-thick board with non-slip rubber feet. Its extra-thickness means it can endure serious chopping, and is guaranteed years of wear.

5. Scimitar Cheese Board
Equipped with a wire cutter, this board slices cheese in a handy, neat and precise way. Made from hevea wood with a protective coating, it’s very easy to clean and comes with packs of spare wires.

6. Xian Mu Chopping Board
Another popular material for Chinese chopping boards, xian mu is hardwood that can withstand very heavy usage for up to 20 years without serious damage. However, the hard surface means these boards are also more slippery for the knife.

7. Quick Grip 3-in-1 Cutting Board Set
This set includes one large cutting board and two flexible cutting mats. The board has a durable cutting surface that will not dull knives and also has non-slip feet. The mats can be bent, making chopped food easier to handle and they are graphic-coded for different types of food to avoid cross-contamination.

8. Sbriciola Bread Board
Designed by Anna and Gianfranco Gasparini, this board is designed for slicing bread with large lengthwise slits to catch the crumbs and a little drawer with separate compartments for a bread knife and to hold the crumbs that fall through the slits.

9. Tom Dixon Stone Chopping Board
Made from carved white Morwad marble with a brass-etched logo on the base and a delicate brass saucer, this chopping board is polished and stylish yet eminently practical. Use it to chop, cut or roll, sweeping crumbs into the saucer. It’s also excellent for plating, when the saucer can be used for dips.

10. Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot
This award-winning chopping board offers a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface when laid at, but can be folded by squeezing the handle to form a container for diced ingredients and funnel them into a pan. It’s available in an array of attractive modern colours.

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