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Seared Tuna and Potato Salad


Mesclun salad with seared centre-cut tuna loin and blanched potato makes a healthy portion.

Recipe by Scirocco’s group executive chef Jeffrey LeBon.

Prep Time and Cook Time
5 mins; 15 mins

(1 serving)

Olive tapenade
• Fresh olives (150g)
• Garlic (4)
• Canned anchovy (1)
• Capers (1 tbsp)
• Salt and pepper to taste
Mint sauce
• Potato (1)
• Fresh mint (3 tbsp)
• Lemon juice (60ml)
• Egg yolk (1)
• Olive oil (120ml)
Tuna and side dishes
• Green beans (20g)
• Potato (1)
• Quail’s egg (1)
• Tuna loin (150g)
• Salt and pepper to taste
• Mesclun salad mixture (1 cup)
• Lemon juice (65ml)
• Olive oil (130ml)
• Cherry tomatoes (3)
• Tomato (1)


11. Olive tapenade
– Remove the stones from the olives and chop finely.
– Finely chop garlic, anchovy and capers and add to olives.
– Season with 1 tbsp olive oil and pepper to taste, then mix well.


22. Mint sauce
– Blanch and peel a potato, and roughly chop.
– Put potato into a blender with picked mint leaves, lemon juice and egg yolk.
-Blend for 30 sec at a medium speed, then add olive oil and blend for 1 min.

33. Side dishes
– Remove the tops from the green beans.
– Blanch in boiling water for 20 secs, then strain and plunge into ice water to prevent further cooking.
-Cook the remaining potato in boiling water for 10 mins or until soft. Boil the quail’s egg for 1 min.

44. Tuna loin
– Season the tuna loin with salt and pepper.
– Heat 1 tsp olive oil in a pan, then sear the tuna on medium heat for 2 mins or until it turns golden brown.


55. Mesclun salad
– In a large bowl, season the mesclun salad with salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil and mix well.
– Halve the cherry tomatoes, cut tomato into 3cm pieces and tuna loin into 2cm thick slices.


66. Arrangement
– Place salad on plate and top with tuna slices.
– Peel and halve the quail’s egg, then arrange on the plate with tomato, cherry tomato and green beans.
– Garnish with olive tapenade and mint sauce.

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