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Chilled Silken Tofu


Cold silken tofu, topped with fresh tuna and spicy turnip, makes a cool summer starter.

Recipe by Taku’s head chef Danny Chiu.

Prep Time and Cook Time
5 mins

(1 serving)

• Silken tofu (30g)
• Japanese soy sauce to taste
• Yuzu (1)
• Tuna (25g)
• Japanese spring onion (3g)
• Chilli and turnip purée (8g)
• Fresh ginger sprouts (4g)


11. Dressing the tofu
-Sprinkle the Japanese soy sauce on and around the tofu to taste.

22. Yuzu zest
-Grate yuzu zest on the tofu to taste.

33. Prep tuna
-Cut tuna into 1cm dice and arrange on top of the tofu.

44. Spring onion
-Finely chop Japanese spring onion and arrange on top of the tofu.

55. Ginger sprout garnish
-Chop off the tops of the fresh ginger sprouts and shred finely.
-Arrange on the tofu to garnish.


6. Chilli and turnip purée
-Garnish with the chilli and turnip purée and spring onion.

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