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Passion Fruit Meringue Spheres

Passion Fruit Meringue Spheres

This glossy confection has multiple fruity layers inside a crunchy meringue cup.

Recipe by Conrad Hong Kong’s pastry chef Billy Yuen.

Prep Time and Cook Time
5 hours; 3 hours

(Makes 10)

Egg whites (50g)
Sugar (50g)
Icing sugar (50g)

Coconut mousse
Gelatin sheet (2.5g)
Coconut milk (100g)
Sugar (8g)
Egg white (15g)
Whipped cream (75g)
Malibu (6ml)
Coconut powder (50g)

Passion fruit cream
Eggs (150g)
Egg yolks (90g)
Passion fruit purée (125g)
Sugar (105g)
Melted unsalted butter (80g)
Gelatin sheet (2.5g)

Pina colada sorbet
Warm water (197g)
Coconut milk (167g)
Pineapple purée (167g)
Stabiliser (5g)
Rum (20ml)
Sugar (150g)

Pineapple confit
Sugar (5g)
Pectin NH (1.5g)
Pineapple purée (45g)
Glucose (7.5g)

For garnish
Mint leaf

dish11. Make the meringue
• In a mixer set on high speed, beat egg whites until foamy. Add sugar and icing sugar in small batches and mix for 10 minutes or until stiff peaks are formed.
• Scoop the meringue mixture into small hemispherical moulds until full and create a hollow by pressing with the back of a ladle, scraping off any excess. Bake at 80°C for two hours.





dish22. Make coconut mousse cubes
• Soften the gelatin sheet in iced water.
• Simmer coconut milk, sugar and egg whites over low heat (110°C) for five minutes. Transfer to a bowl and mix in gelatin, whipped cream and Malibu. Pour into a square container and refrigerate for one hour.
• Once set, cut into small cubes and coat each with coconut powder.




dish33. Make the cream and sorbet
• For the passion fruit cream, mix the eggs and egg yolks, set aside. Cook the passion fruit purée and sugar at 85°C until steaming. Add the egg mixture and stir until it foams. Add melted butter and gelatine and refrigerate for one hour.
• For the sorbet, combine all ingredients and freeze for three hours. Using a Pacojet, mix for five minutes or until slightly creamy.




dish44. Boil the pineapple confit
• In a bowl, thoroughly combine the sugar and pectin NH.
• Heat the purée over low flame, then slowly add the sugar mixture and glucose and cook until it condenses (about 10 minutes). Refrigerate for one hour.





5. Fill and decoratedish5

• Transfer the passion fruit cream and pineapple confit into separate pastry bags. Remove meringues from the moulds and trim the base with a knife.
• Pipe in the cream until one third full, add a cube of mousse and top with the cream. Glaze with a thin layer of pineapple confit.
• Scoop a quenelle of sorbet on top and garnish with a mint leaf. Serve immediately.


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