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The World of Mango


Bright, juicy and irresistibly sweet, mango rules the summer in Hong Kong.

Text by Mandy Li and Agnes Chan, photos by Samantha Sin
Special thanks to GREAT Food Hall, Hon Lam Silk Flowers MFY Ltd, mushroom and Wing Fu


  1. Taiwan Irwin Mango

Recognisable by its apple-red exterior, the Irwin mango originated in Florida but is now sold in places such as Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Owing to its softness, strong flavour and velvety texture, the Irwin mango is often chosen to make desserts such as ice cream, shaved ice and milk shakes.

2. Philippine Kidney Mango

It may be the smallest of the Philippine mangoes, but this mango does not lack in richness or sweetness. The kidney-shaped mango is even sweeter than the Carabao mango and has a stronger fruity fragrance than the narcissus mango.

3. Taiwan Narcissus Mango

Originating in Taiwan, this juicy and moderately sweet mango is named because its fragrance is similar to that of narcissus flowers, or daffodils. Rich in fibre and protein, it is popular for its juiciness and small stone. It’s also used to make jam and fruit wine.

4. Philippine Carabao Mango

The oval-shaped, golden-yellow Carabao is the Philippines’ most popular mango. Listed in the 1995 Guinness of World Records as the sweetest mango in the world, the Carabao is prized globally and is a source of national pride in the Philippines. It is a top choice for connoisseurs of sweet mango desserts.

5. Thai Ivory Mango

The ivory mango has a distinctive long, thin shape that resembles an elephant’s tusk. It was introduced to Yunnan, China in 1914, where it is often called the “king of fruits” because its skin is so thin that more than 80 percent of the fruit is succulent, edible pulp. The first tree imported to Yunnan from Thailand is still living and one year produced a staggering 500kg of fruit

6. Indian Alphonso Mango

Despite being relatively petite and having a short season (April to June), this fruit is immensely popular owing to its succulence. Beneath its sunshine yellow or orange skin the creamy flesh has the texture of butter. It’s renowned for its intense flavour and fragrance that is apparent even before the skin is cut.

7. Thai Pink Lady Mango

This new breed from Thailand is instantly recognisable for its distinctive skin pattern, which is pink on one side and yellow on the other. Large and long, it has sweet and delicate flesh. Chris Chan of Wing Fu fruit store believes it has the potential to be the next rising star in the mango world.

8. Japanese Miyazaki Mango

The famous Miyazaki is the Louis Vuitton of the mango world. Its famed Taiyo no Tamago mangoes are carefully selected with each fruit weighing at least 350 grams and with a minimum sugar level of 15 points, as ranked by a Japanese sugar scale. Japanese farmers ensure the mangoes are rich in flavour by allowing them to ripen on the tree and harvesting the fruit in nets when they fall naturally.

9. Thai Princess Mango

Part of the narcissus mango family, this has firm, smooth pulp and a clean, sweet flavour that recalls the taste of coconut. It is available nearly all year round, and is building up loyal fans in Hong Kong.

10. Thai Nam Doc Mai (Emperor) Mango

Originating in Thailand, nam doc mai mangoes can be harvested and eaten while still green, but will turn golden yellow when fully ripened. However, the greener the mango, the tastier and more refreshing the pulp will be. Low in fibre but high in sugar when mature, nam doc mai is available from early August to late November in its lime-green stage.

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