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John McLennan of Indigo Living sheds light on the latest trends in home styling and festive decoration.

Text by Vincent Leung

Themes associated with nature are a mainstay in interior design, bringing the organic forms and textures of the wilderness to the concrete jungle. Designers dress urban homes in recycled woods, or suffuse rooms with foliage. It’s a trend that continues in winter’s warm and substantial furniture pieces, according to managing director John McLennan of Indigo Living, which has launched an all-new wooden collection.

“The new Eva collection, designed by Italian Stefano Tordiglione, features statement pieces that bring your home full circle with earthy tones and elicit nostalgic memories,” he says.

Tordiglione grew up in Naples and his deep affection for the city shines through the new collection, which pays homage to southern Italy and the vintage styles of the designer’s youth. The results are minimal and timeless. His favourite childhood seat inspires a simple linear chair design, while the sleek lines of Riva’s classic motorboats influence a delicate
dining table.

The understated aesthetic gives the collection a versatile appeal in tune with current trends. Instead of totally co-ordinated furniture, designers are shifting to a more eclectic approach that better reflects individual personalities and tastes. The collection echoes the clean design of Scandinavian style, which
is also on trend this winter.

“With its use of light ash wood, functional and simple yet elegant design, the Eva collection reminds us of the simplicity of furniture in the northern European homes, where white is often used as a relief from the darkness of winter,” McLennan says. “It reminds us of snowflakes and angels, light and hope, purity and cleanliness.”

In keeping with the Nordic theme, a gentle green palette references the coming spring and, along with the pale wood pieces, warms the cool white ambience.

“The inspiration for the decoration was the colour scheme and what it symbolises,” McLennan says. “Also, I wanted the accessories to be clean and modern, using only square and cylindrical shapes to make it look almost geometric, which is in fashion right now.”

Looking forward to Christmas, McLennan suggests wrapping the year with a cool, soothing setting, popular in northern Europe.

“Christmas originally was the pagan celebration of the winter solstice. For Nordic people it is all about keeping it simple and nature-oriented,” he says. “A vast amount of candles in various sizes create a Christmas mood where light is key. Green moss and a rule-breaking white Christmas tree brings out the best of Scandinavia to impress your guests.”

Speaking of impressive, in the following pages we check out more Christmas creations from Indigo Living to really up the wow factor in your home this festive season.

Dining & Living

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Classic deep red heats the dining room and evokes a seasonal party mood. Layers of fabrics and colours create a sense of opulence, with extravagant touches of gold and silver.

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  1. Classic deep red heats the dining room and evokes a seasonal party mood. Layers of fabrics and colours create a sense of opulence, with extravagant touches of gold and silver.
  2. Fields of red and green are the main colours of the living room, enlivened with winter wonderland accessories and sparkly trimmings.

  3. Offset the drama of the Christmas centrepieces with simple, clean wine glasses by Nachtmann.

Cooking & Feasting

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  1. The Microstoven collection is a durable, versatile range for cooking with different heat sources. It features a two-layer non-stick coating.

  2. High-quality cutlery from Maxwell & Williams is beautifully presented for a refined dining experience.

  3. Mix your own Christmas martinis with the comprehensive Aspen cocktail set from kitchenware specialist Salt&Pepper.

  4. The Koi Fish collection will appeal to fans of Chinese dining ware. Designed by world-class tattoo artist Joey Pang, the goldfish is a symbol of feng shui.

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