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The World of Cheese

Young, mild and creamy or aged, pungent and blue, Crave digs into the cheese board.

Text by Debbie Soo, photos by Samantha Sin

Special thanks to Caprice at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Classified, Homeless, Pantry Magic, Press Room and Victorinox

  1. Fourme d’AmbertOne of France’s oldest cheeses, Evrard selected Fourme D’Ambert for Caprice’s prestigious cheese room. It’s a blue cheese made from cow’s milk that has a characteristic cylindrical shape. It has a smooth, creamy consistency with a rather delicate flavour for a blue cheese.

  2. Valencay
    This unpasteurised goat’s milk cheese is shaped like a pyramid with a flattened top. Cultivated in the Loire Valley, the grey rind is created by a dusting of charcoal. It has the typical nuttiness of goat’s cheese and is smooth in texture with a touch of citrus flavour.

  3. Montgomery’s Cheddar
    The Montgomery family has been churning out quality cheese for three generations. Made in Somerset, England – the traditional home of Cheddar – it’s a rich, sweet cow’s milk cheese with notes of fruit and nut. Drier than most cheddars, it is aged to produce a grainy crunch.

  4. Gouda Extra Variety
    Named after the Dutch city of Gouda, this world-famous cow’s milk cheese has a flavour and texture that changes dramatically depending on its age. This 24-month-old has a distinct orange colour with a sharp and tangy flavour.

  5. Ardrahan
    This semi-soft cheese is named for the Irish farmhouse from which it hails. It’s a vegetarian cheese crafted from whole cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet. Ardrahan cheese carries an earthy aroma and a hint of zest that complements the buttery and rich taste. 

  6. Cabri Ariegeois
    This French goat’s cheese is produced on a farm near Loubieres in the Midi-Pyrénées. Characterised by a deep and robust flavour, it’s a soft, creamy Vacherin style fromage best enjoyed by slicing the top off the entire round to enjoy on its own or as a spread.

  7. Gruyére Alpage 2008
    A hard yellow Swiss cheese, Gruyère manages to be both sweet and salty with a grainy mouthfeel when aged. Young gruyère is as creamy and nutty, growing in complexity with extended maturation. It’s a staple in traditional French onion soup and delicious in fondue.

  8. Mimolette 18-24 mois
    This hard cow’s milk cheese has a distinctive rough-hewn greyish crust created by the addition of cheese mites to enhance flavour. Similar to edam, it’s chewy in texture with a smoky flavour and a distinctive orange colour provided by annatto, a natural dye.

  9. Saint Felicien
    Originally a goat’s cheese, this gourmet cheese is now more commonly made from cow’s milk. It is produced in the Isère department of the Rhône-Alpes in France, and is rather rare. Characterised by a soft consistency, this variety possesses a subtle sour taste.

  10. Shropshire Blue
    Made from pasteurised cow’s milk, this British blue cheese gets its orange colour from annatto. It’s made using vegetable rennet and is injected with penicillium to create the blue veining. The texture is moist yet crumbly with a salty, mineral flavour that is sharper than stilton.

  11. tome de savoie fermiere
    Dating back to the 16th century, the Savoy region’s oldest cheese is a hard cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk. It has an earthy, cellar-like aroma and melts easily in the mouth. Its taste speaks of lush French mountain pastures, with a pleasing hazelnut flavour.

  12. Valentine
    A local market cheese found in the Southwest of France in Lot et Garonne, it’s named after the wife of the cheese maker. At its peak flavour during the late autumn season, Valentine is crafted from goat’s milk, which lends its richness to the creamy texture and aroma of the cheese.

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