• Bread & Beast

    What is the Ultimate Sandwich of Hong Kong?

    We need to find out. This September Crave Magazine is partnering with The Forks & Spoons and Deliveroo in search of Hong Kong’s best gourmet sandwiches. Eight of the city’s beloved…

  • Matsutake mushroom steamed rice in a pot

    The Only Shrooms You Need to Try This Autumn

    When it comes to Japanese mushrooms, there’s enoki and shiitake, and then there’s matsutake. These highly treasured and sought-after mushrooms, which must be picked before the umbrella cap opens to retain…

  • flos cover

    Don’t Like Mooncakes? Here’s an Alternative.

    Seeking a Mid-Autumn Festival gift for your non-mooncake-eating family and friends? You’re in luck. Plantation by teakha has teamed up with florist Flos on the Folk to create two marvellously beautiful…

  • Ice Cream Sandwich

    Now Brewing: Elephant Grounds Opens in Wan Chai

    Caffeine addicts love it. Dessert lovers adore it. The brunch crowd swears by it. So to no one’s surprise, Elephant Grounds has opened its fourth branch in Wan Chai’s trendy Star…

  • The Duck & Waffle

    Duck & Waffle is Back!

    The week of September 26 to October 2 is one you should mark in your food diary, because the much loved Duck & Waffle is back in Hong Kong for an…

  • Hullett House

    Special Delivery: Speciality Mooncakes

    Getting bored of the usual Cantonese-style mooncakes? Makers of these festive pastries are getting creative with fruit and floral fillings, low-sugar alternatives, lotus seed paste infused with tea or coffee, and…